Published Work

Feature Articles and Book Reviews by Jeff Weston for BACP Private Practice Journal & Therapy Today

PP – Winter 2017 (December)
TT – September 2017 (Volume 28 / Issue 7)
The Handbook of Person-Centred Therapy and Mental Health: Theory, Research and Practice

PP – Spring 2018 (March)
Mood Swings: Managing Anger, Anxiety and Low Mood

PP – Summer 2018 (June)
TT – May 2018 (Volume 29 / Issue 4)
A Web of Sorrow: Mistrust, Jealousy, Lovelessness, Shamefulness, Regret, Hopelessness

PP – Autumn 2018 (September)
Journey to Release: Counselling in a UK Prison

PP – Winter 2018 (December)
Psychological Therapies for Survivors of Torture: A Human Rights Approach with People Seeking Asylum

PP – Spring 2019 (March)
Growing Pains: Making Sense of Childhood – A Psychiatrist’s Story

PP – Summer 2019 (June)
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

PP – Autumn 2019 (September)
Existential Therapy (Psychotherapy and Counselling Distinctive Features)

Feature Article: Sanity, Identity and Confidentiality