L4 Contracting etc

Welcome (safe space, fire alarm, bathroom)…

Establish boundaries:

Confidentiality (limits of)

Harm (to self & serious harm to others)

Ethical Framework (adhere to BACP Val+Pr+PMQ)

Legal requirements (money laundering, terrorism)

Sessions / Status / Supervision

Negotiate shared agreement:

Expect (what do you / Person-Centred Approach)

Agenda (part of shared agreement)

Process (FAB: feelings, attitude, behaviour)*

Want (what do you want from counselling)

*  refers to Change in Self-Concept, Freedom to Express Feelings (when experience UPR + empathy), Becoming, Inward Freedom, Converge toward Truth.

NB: Rogers & Sanford in 1984 gave the less formal definition of ‘process’ as “reciprocating the therapist’s attitude”.

Useful documents:

Click to access Ethical-Framework-for-the-Counselling-Professions_1467383453.pdf