Ethically-priced counselling

Our heads are sometimes missing. Our bodies move, run through the necessary functions in life, earn money, scrap, survive, but somehow it’s not enough.

We all need meaning – purpose and love, significance and security.

Problems come in many forms – depression/anxiety, bereavement, bullying, loneliness, difficulties at work, failed relationships, feeling like an outsider, issues from the past, unrealised ambitions, poverty, discrimination, racism, not being understood – which can lead to lingering sadness, emptiness, worry and a feeling of being bereft and directionless.

We therefore need to find a better path when crises unsettle and perhaps bewilder us.

Help, I Need Somebody is a counselling agency which hopes to give clients renewed sustenance and nourishment. It hopes to understand the essence of what they say and feel. Through genuineness, warmth and empathy it strives to generate that vital trust between client and counsellor which can lead to change or progress.

Jeff Weston BA (Hons), Chartered MCSI, ACCPH (Senior Accred)

Born: 1970

I qualified – after four years’ part-time study – in 2019. My background is very mixed – an English literature degree in 1999, but also two decades in financial services (the key takeaway from this how NOT to be exploited re: your hard-earned money).

I have contributed numerous book reviews and feature articles, since 2017,  to the BACP’s Private Practice journal (with abridged versions appearing in Therapy Today) and written about subjects including person-centred therapy, mindfulness, sorrow, prison counselling, child psychiatry, torture/trauma, addiction, existentialism, identity, Nietzsche, miscarriage, narcissism, happiness, suicide, anger, introverts and depression.

In short, I believe the world is too rushed and a little cruel at times and people suffer because of that. If I can contribute a tiny, tiny bit to making someone feel good about him/herself, then it’ll have been worth it.

Therapy needn’t be complicated. It’s mostly an ear really – one that listens, doesn’t judge or assume, and tries to make sense of someone’s life.

Mobile: 07940 933159


Fee: £30/hour
(We believe that EVERYONE should have access to therapy – not just those who are financially comfortable. Our rates are therefore kept as low as possible. We all benefit from regularly seeing a cross-section of society. It keeps us grounded. It keeps us real.)

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