Statistical measures

Whilst the three different forms regularly used inside the NHS and in counselling circles appear to be quite definitive in estimating a person’s level of distress, anxiety or depression, it is our contention that such figures can only ever act in conjunction with a more rounded, qualitative approach.

CORE-10 (Distress 0-40)
0-5 Healthy
6-10 Low Level Problems
11-15 Mild Psychological Distress
16-20 Moderate Distress
21-25 Moderately Severe
26-40 Severe Psychological Distress

GAD-7 (Anxiety 0-21)
0-9 None to Mild
10-14 Moderate
15-21 Severe

PHQ-9 (Depression 0-27)
0-4 Minimal Depression
5-9 Mild Depression
10-14 Moderate Depression
15-19 Moderately Severe Depression
20-27 Severe Depression