Client feedback

Dec 2019 (from client ‘005’)

“Jeff was fantastic with me from day one, during my first session I was in tears for the majority of the hour and struggled to get my [thoughts] across. Through listening to every word I had to say Jeff was able to understand how I felt and what I had been through.

“My second session already felt easier and I was at ease talking to Jeff knowing he would be able to understand why I was struggling and he wouldn’t judge me in any way but he would completely understand and accept why I needed someone to speak to.

“Following weeks got much easier and having the small words of advice, not telling me what to do but setting small goals to achieve week by week. After six weeks I felt I had everything off my chest and was able to look up and move forward. Going to see Jeff enabled me to open up and engage in conversation with someone other than family and friends and I was able to move on.”



Feb 2020 (from client ‘002’)

“I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is suffering as I was then from depression and anxiety who feels alone and is suffering. He listened in a caring but non judgemental way. Providing a haven that I felt safe to discuss my worries and issues.  Sometimes voicing his observations and helping me come to terms with a lack of self esteem. In a way like you’d want a best friend to listen but they never will.

“Thank you Jeff, you helped me at a point in my life when I felt I was completely alone. I still am alone in lots of ways except for [my dog] but I feel in a better place mentally now to deal with life. Stronger and more aware of how to change my negative feelings into positive ones.”



Feb 2020 (from client ‘008’)

“I found you to be very engaging and professional. You took pains to ensure that there were plenty of ‘spaces’ for me to fill with my thoughts and introspections. I found it helpful that you encouraged self analytical thought, without it becoming an exercise in ‘navel gazing’.

“Me being me, I was always looking for a conclusive/defined identification of firm solutions to my needs and therefore some manner of direction in perusing/actioning said solutions.

“Where I was apt to  dwell I found that you were good at finding alternative avenues of questioning my established ideas and understandings, so that I  needed to either communicate more effectively, or take a fresh look at what was under scrutiny and find a fresh understanding/perspective.

“I found your acceptance of my ‘corrections’ as being a part of this very helpful. This acceptance allowed me to more fully participate and – for the first time in many years – find acceptance and understanding from someone without an agenda that they would try to fit me into. It was therefore helpful in your notes that this was expressed as nuanced, as this has helped me be better prepared to explore different means of helping others understand me in future.

“The main ‘negative’ from our time together and your notes takes the form of the open format. This is only really a negative as I am not usually given to open discussion and frank discourse. I do, however fully recognise that this self same negative was a catalyst that enabled barriers and entrenched self knowledge to be assessed and challenged. Not a pleasant experience for me, but a necessary one for my personal growth.

“So many thanks for all of your help and support!”


July 2021 (from client ‘X’)

“I approached my first session with Jeff feeling a bit apprehensive and hesitant, expecting to find it difficult to get my anxieties out as I’m not a natural communicator.

“Jeff’s quiet manner was reassuring and he made it easier for me to find a logical place to start, and take it from there. At the end of six weeks I felt calmer and more at ease. People around me had noticed it too.”

April 2022 (from client ‘Y’)

“You are an excellent listener who I’m sure can help those with more ‘defined’ roots of depression. With a doctor a good ‘bedside’ manner is hugely important – fundamental [in fact]. And I became aware and impressed by how engaged you [as a counsellor] were as I spoke. I don’t believe there are many who have the ability to consistently listen acutely.”


Dec 2022 (from client ‘Z’)

“Jeff really helped lift me up from a low point. The sessions [gave me the confidence] to restart doing the things I’d enjoyed before they overwhelmed me.

“I didn’t feel judged and was able to relate to Jeff through a love of sport. I found it easy to talk to him and it helped relieve me of a lot of stress and look at my life from a different perspective.”