Fancy Terminology

Fancy terms & psychological phrases:

Acceptance (respect and non-possessive warmth or unconditional positive regard [UPR])

Active Listening (help clients feel heard and understood)

Blind Spot (Johari Window: something ‘not known to self’, but ‘known to others’)

Corey’s 5 principles re: therapeutic boundaries (Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Autonomy, Justice, Fidelity)

Family Scripts (standards and norms within a family / how a person was raised)

Immediacy (feedback on how you are experiencing the client)

Imposter Syndrome (the fear of being found out / inability to internalise accomplishments)

Inter-Personal Influence (manipulating others)

Pedagogy (Control)

Phenomenology (beyond empathy / perceived by consciousness)

Reality Trigger (being aware of one’s limits of ability)

Self-Disclosure (sharing information – Yalom interestingly and insightfully touches on three different types: The Mechanism of Therapy (be transparent); Revealing Here-and-Now Feelings (use discretion); Revealing the Therapist’s Personal Life (use caution)

Staying in the Grey Area (the counsellor keeping an open mind)

Transactional Analysis (conflict between inner parent [anger] and child [anxiety])

Transference (communication between client and counsellor / unconscious projections that clients bring to their therapist and other relationships)