Client feedback

18 Dec 2019 (from client ‘005’)

“Jeff was fantastic with me from day 1, during my first session I was in tears for the majority of the hour and struggled to get my [thoughts] across. Through listening to every word I had to say Jeff was able to understand how I felt and what I had been through.

“My second session already felt easier and I was at ease talking to Jeff knowing he would be able to understand why I was struggling and he wouldn’t judge me in any way but he would completely understand and accept why I needed someone to speak to.
Following weeks got much easier and having the small words of advice, not telling me what to do but setting small goals to achieve week by week. After 6 weeks I felt I had everything off my chest and was able to look up and move forward. Going to see Jeff enabled me to open up and engage in conversation with someone other than family and friends and I was able to move on.”